Order your new SOLTEQ-Roof NOW and get 10% discount.
The SOLTEQ-Roof costs the same, as a normal tile roof plus solar panels, maybe less, depending on the region.
The final price is determined by your local Contractor or Roofer (SOLTEQ certified installer) who will be doing the installation.
The reservation fee is only $1,000.
The 10% discount will be credited to the installing dealer and passed on to you the customer.
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SOLTEQ USA INC. was founded to introduce the German engineered, building integrated solar roof to the US and the Caribbean.

These tiles have been manufactured, installed, and working in Europe for the last 10 years and are now available in the US and the Caribbean.

Multiple style options, and multiple colors set these tiles apart from the others. Our 50-year warranty is an industry leader.

Now your roof can produce power, and be a beautiful, long-lasting roof.

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General Contractors, roofing contractors, and solar contractors, we are always looking to qualify more installers!

Architects/ Engineers, we will help you design your client’s optimum solar roof.

Solar contractors, SOLTEQ roof tiles will work with your favorite inverter, or battery backup systems.

With our patented clip system SOLTEQ solar tiles are easy to install, and rated for 200 MPH.

SOLTEQ’s 50 year-warranty starts with Sharkskin Ultra SA underlayment. This synthetic underlayment also has a 50-year warranty.

Using copper flashings, (with SOLTEQ flashing details) and copper eave drip instead of steel, adds years of life to a roof.

SOLTEQ’s patented aluminum clips, and stainless-steel screws will give you corrosion free attachment to the substrate.

SOLTEQ’s high quality back sheet assures minimum degradation of the efficiency of the roof. 80% at 40 years.

Options for every price point.

Factory has a zero carbon footprint, won the German sustainability award in 2021

The German Sustainability Award is an award for sustainability. The award recognizes exemplary sustainability achievements in business, municipalities and research. In cooperation with the Federal Government, the best concepts against global warming, resource overuse, species extinction and social division were awarded. With five competitions, over 800 applicants and 2,000 guests at the closing events, the German Sustainability Award is the largest award of its kind in Europe.